Velocity Banking – What the Hell is it and is it Something I Should Consider?

I've seen a lot of YouTube videos and articles promoting this method of paying off a mortgage quickly. Is it the holy grail or holy $#!&!

11/26/20231 min read

a gold chalice and a bowl of ice
a gold chalice and a bowl of ice

I’m going to cop-out a bit on this one. What I mean is that I was perfectly prepared to write an explanation of what Velocity Banking is and even offer my opinion, but then I found an article on this very topic that was so well-written and explained that I decided that it would be easier to simply add a link to this article. I truly could not have explained it better, this article is exceptionally well written. Click here: link

I’ve watched several YouTube videos on this topic. My takeaway is that this could be a great method for a very tiny subset of the population who has the discipline to make something like this work. For most people, however, I would not advise this approach. The approach I would advise is to monitor your debt closely, maintain spreadsheets so you can conduct what-if analysis, set goals, and make tackling your finances a regular and normal part of your life. is the place to go if you need help with this process!